How to Join?

All you need to do to join SHOP SCAN SAVE®, is to download the app to your iPhone or Android, register a few details, and you're ready to go!

How to Redeem?

The section in your app called "How to" contains instructions on how to redeem your offers.

  1. Find your nearest Pay Point outlet using the Store Locator.
  2. Select items that are currently on offer and before paying ask the cashier to go to the SHOP SCAN SAVE® Offer Redemption screen on the PayPoint terminal and SCAN your BARCODE ID and then your offer items.
  3. Your savings are automatically deducted when you pay.


If the retailer doesn't know how SHOP SCAN SAVE® works, there is a step-by-step "How To" guide in your App which explains what the retailer needs to do to help you claim your offer.

Retailers can also find additional information, including an instructional video on the "Retailer" page on this site

New Offers

You will receive amazing new offers every two weeks. As soon as you have redeemed an offer, it will disappear from your offer list in the App.

You are able to view your redeemed offers and see your savings.

Give us feedback

We greatly appreciate your feedback! Please go to the "Contact" section of the website, and follow the instructions.

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